Tiny Tikes (3 – 5 Years)

These are specialty classes for the pre-schooler ages 3-5. The focus of these classes it to immerse your child in exercises that build their coordinationbalance and strength. Kickstart’s Tiny Taeks program is tailored to enhance the child’s social behaviour. Through their interaction with other students and instructors,  the child will learn important values such as: paying attentionimportance of organizationfollowing routine & developing a good work ethic. Kickstart your pre-schooler with the skills needed to propel them in this critical developmental stage of growth.

Junior Class (6 – 12 Years)

Taekwondo will improve your child’s fitness, increase their self-esteem and sharpen their focus in such a powerful way that it will benefit them throughout their life. Our belt system gives students mini – goals to strive for & teaches kids the power of goal setting.

Class age ranges between 6-12 year olds. School-agers will take part in Poomsae or Sparring depending on the class day. Getting your child into Taekwondo at this age will truly benefit the student as well as the parents. We focus on discipline, developing muscle co-ordination, social interaction as well as knowledge of basic self defence one needs to feel confident in any area of life.

Family Class (Mixed Ages & Belts Levels)

Want to work out with your kids? Our family class is a great way to create memories that stick with you children for the rest of their lives! This class has mixed belt levels and age groups. Participating in Taekwondo training  as a family is a fun way to create some truly special memories. Parents and children, or siblings who train together will also benefit from our special family discounts.

Adult/Teen Class (13 Years & Up)

This program provides a combination of exercises for both the body and the mind. You will learn to train your body to develop a better and healthier lifestyle, increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension, create more energy in your day and experience weight loss. Apart from the physical aspect, you will learn techniques and methods to reduce stress and anxiety caused by work, past or other events in your life. As a student, you are looked upon as an individual, at no time compared to anyone else. Our instructors will be there every step of the way. All that is expected is a willingness to try.

Kick Fit Class (Boot Camp)

Our boot camps are for everyone! Regardless of your level of fitness our boot camp instructors modify your exercise routine that will best suit your needs. We will be with you every step of the way and will train you to the best of “your” ability and help you reach your personal goals. Kickstart  will enhance the student’s stamina, agility, speed through a fun, high-repetition kicking program.  A great way to loose weight and stay in shape. Bring a towel!

HP Sparring Program (Competitive Sparring)

Kickstart Taekwondo is an Olympic WTF Style Dojang.  Students will utilize the scoring techniques learned in class, against each other in a competitive game of “Foot-Tag.”

We have the Adidas KP&P Electronic Scoring System at our dojang. Allowing access to the latest in electronic scoring technologies for modern Taekwondo competition, it helps the athlete develop a feel for the equipment used at the highest levels of the sport.

($20 Extra Per Month)

HP Poomsae Program (Competitive Patterns)

The Poomsae Programs at Kickstart are unique and are catered to accommodate Poomsae players of all skill levels. A fun yet challenging approach to enhancing the student’s focus, flexibility, coordination and concentration. Through practice, students will develop the required core muscles needed to perform these WTF Competition Patterns.

Personal Training (Private & Group)

Realizing your health and fitness goals is one thing, but bringing them to light can often prove to be a little more challenging. Enter the Kickstart PT Program! As your trainers we are there to motivate, challenge, support and redesign a healthier, more fit you.


  • An initial consultation over the phone to determine your goals
  • A mini assessment during your first session to determine your current fitness capabilities and which direction your remaining sessions should go in
  • Depending upon your goals, your workouts will include any or all of these components:
    • Warm-up & Cool-down
    • Cardiovascular Training (aerobic and/or anaerobic)
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Core Stability
    • Flexibility

Free Trial Class

Sign up for a free trial class today! Kickstart offers both Recreational & High Performance programs, catering to different needs & objectives one might have for themselves, or their child.