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Kickstart offers both Recreational & High Performance programs, catering to the different needs & objectives one might have for themselves, or their child.

Competitive Sparring

Kickstart Taekwondo is an Olympic WTF Style Dojang.  Students will utilize the scoring techniques learned in class, against each other in a competitive game of “Foot-Tag.” (Equipment REQUIRED)

Sport Poomsae

The Poomsae Programs at Kickstart are unique and are catered to accommodate Poomsae players of all skill levels. A fun yet challenging approach to enhancing the student’s focus, flexibility, coordination and concentration. Through practice, students will develop the required core muscles needed to perform these WTF Competition Patterns.

Tiny Taeks (3-5 Years)

This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect & discipline. In addition, the program is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention.

These are specialty classes for the pre-schooler ages 3-5. The focus of these classes it to immerse your child in exercises that build their coordinationbalance and strength. Kickstart’s Tiny Taeks program is tailored to enhance the child’s social behaviour. Through their interaction with other students and instructors,  the child will learn important values such as: paying attentionimportance of organizationfollowing routine & developing a good work ethic. Kickstart your pre-schooler with the skills needed to propel them in this critical developmental stage of growth.

Junior Class (6-12 Years)

Taekwondo will improve your child’s fitness, increase their self-esteem and sharpen their focus in such a powerful way that it will benefit them throughout their life. Our belt system gives students mini – goals to strive for & teaches kids the power of goal setting.

Family Class (Mixed Ages)

How about exercising with your kids and creating memories that will stick long after the class has ended? A great way to bond with the family while staying focused & fit!  This class has mixed belt levels and age groups. Participating in TKD as a family is a fun way to create some truly special memories. Parents and children, or siblings who train together will also benefit from our special family rate.

Adult/Teen Class (Ages 13 +)

As a student, you are looked upon as an individual, at no time compared to anyone else. Our instructors will be there every step of the way. All that is expected is a willingness to try.

Kick Fit

Kickstart Taekwondo will enhance the student’s stamina, agility, speed through a fun, high-repetition kicking program.  A great way to loose weight and stay in shape. Bring a towel!

Demo Class

Break falls, Board Breaking, Self Defence, Fight Choreography & Poomsae are the focus of these classes.

After School Drop-off HP Program 

Introducing a new alternative to daycare for only $350 a month!

  • Program runs from 3pm to 6pm MONDAY to FRIDAY
  • Children are picked up from school or dropped off by school bus
  • Taekwondo lessons 5 days a week included in the fee
  • Most importantly your child will be learning: CONFIDENCE, SELF-CONTROL, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE & LEADERSHIP SKILLS

Schools closest to our facility: George R. Gauld, St. Leos, John English & St. Luis. Other schools please ASK ABOUT SCHOOL BUS DROP-OFF.

HP Sparring Program

Our High Performance sparring program focuses on the development of the athlete for local, provincial & national level competition. We have the Adidas KP&P Electronic Scoring System for our players to practice with. Staying current with cutting edge technology keeps us a step above all other schools in the Etobicoke area. ($30 extra per month)

HP Poomsae Program

Competitive Poomsae has changed a great deal over the years. It is important to stay up to date with techniques relevant with todays requirements. This class focuses on Accuracy, Presentation , Core Development & theory.

Day Camps (PA Day, Summer, Winter & March Break)

  • No school? No problem! Come join us for camp!
  • Camps run from 8am – 4:30pm
  • Field trips, arts & crafts, outdoor play, indoor sports, two Taekwondo sessions, obstacle courses, fort building, movies & more!
  • Non-members are welcome to join us!