2017 Kickstart Cup

Kickstart Cup is an annual fundraiser & interal-club competition for our students. We are in the 5th year of this competition and are really excited to have as many of our club members attend our special event.

Who? All belts and all ages! EVERYONE should do as many events as possible!

Where? At our club (81 Portland Street)

When? Sunday, June 25th, 2017

What? Poomsae: Choose any Poomsae, perform and be marked against others in the same age / belt bracket.

Sparring: 2 rounds of 1 min, double elimination style (must have/borrow gear)

                        Speed Kicking: 30 seconds to kick as many times as possible. Winners will be ones who accumulate the most kicks at the end of the time.

                        Board Breaking: Only hand breaks will be allowed for ages 6+. Allowed techniques: Hammer, Knife-hand, Punch or Palm-Heel.

Why? For students who have not yet been to competition, this is a great way to get their feet wet. Valuable experience will be gained and many memories will be forged as all our families build and grow together. Not to mention that all of the funds raised will go towards the purchasing of the new “armour 20/20” electronic chest protectors for our school.

                        BUY raffle tickets now for many exciting draws like: Kicking Paddles, T-shirts, Hats, Key-chains, Uniforms, Nun-Chucks, Soft-Swords, Uniform embroidery, Belt embroidery, Belt racks and much much more…

 KICKSTART CUP Registration deadline is June 5th, 2017

 RAFFLE DRAW deadline is June 25th, 2017